About Robbie Stillerman
Robbie Stillerman is an award-winning designer with extensive experience in every phase of doll and toy development: from conceptualization, fabrication and prototypes, to sculpture, painting, fashion design and production.
Since 1980, Robbie has managed and grown her own company, Robbie Stillerman Design, Inc., collaborating with many of the leading and most prestigious manufacturers, retailers and marketers in the worldwide toy industry. Working in a timely manner and always expanding the boundaries of imagination, Robbie's ideas never cease to amaze while her creations continue to captivate.
One Success Story After Another
Robbie is the creative force behind some of the top-selling dolls, plush toys, action figures and other toy successes ever launched, including:
  • "Baby Loves to Talk" developed for Toy Biz. This was the promotional Toy of the Year for Toys 'R Us, selling over 1 million units. Among its worldwide accolades, "Baby Loves to Talk" received the Most Innovative Toy of the Year in France and Best Girls' Toy and Doll of the Year in Australia. Family Fun magazine named it the Best Doll of the Year.
  • "Baby Tumbles Surprise" developed for Toy Biz. Not only did it sell over 3 million units, it was then extended to a full line of products.
  • "Baby So Real" developed for Toy Biz. Sold over 500,000 units.
  • "Pretty and Me" developed for Toy Biz. Won Family Fun magazine's Best Doll of the Year for the 5-7 year old category.
  • "Octivity," licensed to Dream Star is a preschool toy available exclusively from LTD Commodities.
  • "Doggie Dispenser," licensed to Pet Zone Products, Ltd.
  • "Go Girls," developed by Upon a Star, was nominated for the best fashion doll of the year 2005, by Dolls Magazine.