About Robbie Stillerman
One Success Story After Another, continued...
Other high profile Robbie Stillerman successes in the doll, plush and action figure area include:
  • "Kim Possible" (Equity Marketing)
  • "Lord of the Rings" (Toy Biz)
  • "Girls on the Go" (Toys 'R Us)
  • "Dancin' Debbie" (Mattel)
  • "Cossette, Les Miserables" (Effabeee)
  • "Power Puff Girls" (Equity Marketing)
  • "Dora the Explorer" (Fisher Price)
  • "The American Girl" (Pleasant Company)
  • "Gerber Baby Dolls" (Toy Biz)
  • "Cabbage Patch" (Coleco)
  • "GI Joe" (Hasbro)
  • "Marvel Action figures" (Toy Biz)
  • Portrait heads for sports figures: Nascar, Hockey, Basketball, Baseball (Kenner/Hasbro)
  • 12 "Star Wars" portrait figures
  • Historical miniature figures
  • A comprehensive plush line for "The Grinch that Stole Christmas" by Playmates, which was an exclusive for Toys 'R Us. The line included stuffed characters, bean bag toys, key chains and inside-out plush ornaments
  • 8 products for "Clifford the Big Red Dog" (Toy Island). Robbie designed, developed and obtained licensor approval on the "Clifford" prototypes within 6 weeks.
Robbie Stillerman has also been creatively involved with many unique projects including:
  • Holograms for the U.S. Treasury Department for U.S. currency and various other financial securities
  • Hologram for Visa Dove and Master Card
  • Hologram for 1st National Geographic cover
In addition to her successes in the doll and toy industry, Robbie Stillerman has designed and illustrated over 40 children's books, including:
  • "My Book of Words" for Golden Books, which has sold over 2 million copies to date.
  • "Little Lisa Sticker Paper Dolls" for Dover Publications, which is Dover's best selling sticker paper doll book in its category.
Rare Creativity, Meticulous Detail:
Robbie Stillerman's imaginative eye gives that special, almost indefinable, touch that is needed for success in the highly competitive toy marketplace. No detail is overlooked, no possibility unexplored to make every project that Robbie is involved with the very best it can be.