We are professional illustrators who draw all manner of toys, dolls concepts, licensed characters, games and activity sets. We illustrate children's books, gift and toy packaging, presentation boards and advertising art. We will gladly do your rough sketches too!
Baby dolls, toddler dolls, mechanical dolls, 'tween dolls, fashion dolls, collector dolls, action figures, cartoon and movie character dolls - we handle every aspect of doll creation from original designs to face and body sculpture, molding, face painting, hair design, rooting and hair styling, wardrobe and fabrication...everything from start to finish! We can do both soft and hard (vinyl) construction.
We design original, up to date fashions for dolls, and we custom-make the prototype outfits down to the last meticulous detail. We source the materials and provide assembly information, patterns and swatch cards for the manufacturer. We also reproduce wardrobes for licensed characters and characters from motion pictures.
Need a stuffed animal? We design them, sketch them, style them, select materials for them and we create the actual stuffed animal prototype. We create licensed characters or we can design original ones for you!
We create concepts drawings, designs and prototypes for every type of girl's product for every age, from preschool to 'tweens!
Our staff includes talented scupltors who can model from the most detailed action figures to the cuddiest dolls, portrait heads, garage kits, military miniatures, sculptures for holograms not to mention licensed characters, too!
We are experts in painting the most meticulous doll faces to the most intricate sculpted prototypes, (Spiderman anyone?) and the cutest children's books illustrations....satisfaction guaranteed!
We write, design and illustrate all sorts of children's' books including activity books, sticker books, coloring books, paper doll books, and preschool books....using the computer too!